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C U S T O M   F I T   E A R M O L D S

What are they?
What do they cost?

What are they?

Custom fit earmolds are essentially ear pieces desigined specifically for your ear(s), providing superior comfort and performance.  After a trained audiologist takes an impression of a person's ear, it can be used to make any of the following types of custom fit earmolds, among others, in essentially any color or combinations of colors that you could want:

Hearing Protection

  • Custom product that can be worn for extended periods of time
  • Great for anyone exposed to any time of noise either occupationally or recreationally
Musician Molds
  • Designed to protect the hearing of musicians of all ages and music types without sacrificing sound quality
  • Great for children in school bands, people in music groups, people that attend concerts, etc.
mp3 Molds
  • Earbuds snap into these molds to allow better sound quality at lower, safer volume levels
  • A must for anyone who uses an iPod or other listening device
  • Hearing loss from such devices is happening at alarming rates, particularly with children

Swimmer Molds

  • Protects the ears from water
  • Great for people that get swimmer's ear or people who have tubes or holes in their eardrums
Magnum Ears

  • Amplified devices for hunters that will shut off when a firearm discharges
Specialty Molds
  • For pilot headsets (shown), stethoscopes, newscaster/teleprompters, etc.
  • Just ask!

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What do they cost?

The cost will vary depending on the type of earmold selected. Protecting your hearing and ears are worth it.

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